About me

Andrew Mitchell has always had a passionate artistic side.  It began with a love of drawing that grew from childhood, until in 2009 he devoted a large part of his efforts to painting.  In 2010 he graduated from the Multimedia Design and Production program at Fanshawe College in his home town of London, Ontario.  Combining his new found training and raw passion led to his love of working in many forms.  His artwork ranges from the abstract, to fine art, mixed media and graffiti.  Andrew's love of art influences his work in the realms of graphic design, illustration, typography and motion graphics.

Andrew's work has always been inspired and influenced by music, making it natural for him to work with a variety of musicians and companies within the music business.  Countless artists have made an impression on Andrew, and inspired further work from him including Dust La Rock, Saber, Retna, Ewok and David Choe.  Some of his many music related projects have included work with Abstract Rude, Afrika Bambataa, GZA, Andy Stott, Shad, Blackalicious, and Open Mike Eagle.

In 2011 Andrew co-founded Fingers On Blast.  Since that time fingersonblast.com has been the platform for releasing 75 + dj mixes, dozens of interviews and reviews, and traveled to cover live events.  This project shows Andrew's creative vision, and dedication to his work in all it's forms.  

Andrew is available for fine art commissions, as well as graphic design of all kinds.  Please contact to get rates and details!

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